Why Start Saving Now?

How Much Do I Need to Save?

Over the past 20 years, college costs have risen much more than the general rate of inflation. For many parents, funding their child’s college education will be one of their largest and most significant expenses. Therefore, saving money for a college education requires foresight and planning. To start planning a savings goal should be established.

Average College Attendance Costs
Tuition Room and Board Annual Total Projection
Private College / University $28,500 $10,089 $35,589
Public University (in state) $8,244 $8,887 $17,131
Community College (in state) 2,963 N/A N/A

The Free College Savings Planner will help you estimate the amount of money needed to send your child to a higher education institution.

The Arizona Family College Savings Plan is not insured by the State of Arizona or any of the program providers. Neither the principal deposited nor the investment return is guaranteed by the State of Arizona or the program providers.